YOKKAO Training Center opens in Argentina!

[caption id="attachment_788" align="alignright" width="300"]YOKKAO Training Center Kuala Lumpur YOKKAO Training Center Kuala Lumpur[/caption] News that had been posted to the YOKKAO Instagram only a few days ago has already generated intense interest from the countless Muay Thai fans of Latin America. The next official YOKKAO Training Center will open in Rosario, the second key city in Argentina after Buenos Aires. Muay Thai lovers will have the possibility to train with professional trainers and the latest YOKKAO gear, the best and most demanded Muay Thai equipment on the market. The gym will be fully equipped with YOKKAO gear, set to open between June and July alongside the first round of training sessions for the YOKKAO Games. Expect more news on this new space!

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