Manachai to face Attachai Tor Morsi At Channel 3 Main Event

A title shot has once again slipped away for Manachai who was originally set to take on Rambo Pet Por Tor Or for the Champion of Thailand belt in Ayutthaya. Scheduled on 16th March, the fight was called off just days away from taking place. Due to pending issues that with the Thai army, Rambo had to pull out from the fight. The match is now postponed and will be announced at a later date. Manachai’s intensive fight camp over the past weeks will not go to waste as a match has quickly been set up. Coming Saturday on 24th March, he will face Attachai Tor Morsi in a main event at Siam Boxing Stadium. Manachai has been partial to fighting at the highest level and his opponent will not be an easy fight. Attachai is a regular competitor at Lumpinee Stadium and has frequently fought the best in the game. The fight is set at 143 lbs and will be televised live over Channel 3 in Thailand. Following this Friday’s bout against Attachai, Manachai will next return to Italy on 8th April in another main event fight, facing local star Christian Zahe. In the same month, he will headline YOKKAO Next Generation Southampton and take on rising star Mo Abdurahman. There is little time for rest in Manachai’s journey to the top of the sport. With 8 back-to-back wins standing, Manachai will look for lucky number nine to add to the record. Follow YOKKAO for the latest updates and video of the coming fight.  
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