February 2016 YOKKAO Sales hits best performance since 2011!

Happy days at the YOKKAO headquarters in Bangkok. Total sales climbed 56% from last January hitting the best monthly peformance since 2011. Formally established in 2011, YOKKAO Boxing agreesively jumped into the Muay Thai market by breaking all the norms. With two factories handcrafting high quality Muay Thai equipment, a Fight Team made of the Muay Thai living legends, Events, Seminars and Training Centers all around the world, YOKKAO has no rivals in this way. "Our strategy is simple: we operate in the 360 degrees of Muay Thai with highest standards of quality. If you buy YOKKAO gear it's produced with the best materials and accuracy you cannot find, if you buy a ticket for a YOKKAO event, you can be sure that the best fighters in the world will be there, if you come to train at one of the YOKKAO Training Centers, you will find the best trainers and fighters of the Country." said Stefania Picelli, YOKKAO key person. After February's record breaking sales and the recent opening of the first official YOKKAO Training Center in Bangkok with nothing less than Saenchai  and Singdam Kiatmoo9, this year YOKKAO seems to be setting up for an amazing 2016. Stay tuned! Shop  now the most requested Muay Thai Gear of the moment at www.yokkao.com/shop

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